Abandoned Places: Secret Train Graveyard

I’ve discovered a new little hobby of mine, namely to explore abandoned places. There’s a certain thrill and risk to it which I really enjoy. It makes me feel like an undercover agent or a spy, since what you’re doing is not completely legal and safe. Abandoned buildings can be extremely dangerous and you should always let someone know where you're heading if you're going by yourself. And that’s how I prefer it. That way I can escape in to my own little world, inside my head and paint stories what might have happened at this special place. Usually it’s very peaceful and quiet, ultimate place to think and isolate yourself from reality for a while. It’s also great to take some amazing shots, I like capturing the light on different surfaces and creating contrasts. Here, I present you some of my photographs I made at the secret train graveyard in Budapest.


  1. I can see why you feel like a spy when looking around! Checking out abandoned technology, buildings, etc is very interesting because you really wonder what happened!! Awesome photos!

    All the Cute 🎀
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