Egypt - Gap as Heaven and Earth

Who doesn't want to visit Egypt? See the desert, marvel at the mystical pyramids, explore the hieroglyphics, experience the ancient Egyptian culture... Everyone wants to go there one day, however for the majority it remains a desire. Only few actually fulfill this dream due to the crucial political situation in the country. This summer we decided to take a risk and face this dangerous adventure! And let me tell you it was truly worth it!

We flew to Hurghada (a city at the Red Sea) and from there a bus took us to our hotel, the Radisson Blu Resort in El Quseir. The trip from the airport to the hotel took 2 hours! It was a pretty long and hard journey since we had to deal with the crazy heat, the terrible roads and the crappy Toyota bus. I'm not complaining here, just listing the circumstances you are going to have to come to terms with. Even after the sun sets it feels like in a dryer. But during the long bus ride we got the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes we were passing by. It was amazing since it's so different. The contrast between the cobalt blue ocean and the dry beige sand dunes and rocks was stunning! We spent a week  scuba diving, chilling at the pool, swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, exploring Egyptian towns and ruins. It was an incredible experience. But it's not all love, peace and harmony... I have to ruin this view a little. When you leave the 5 star resort it's gonna slap you hard, I mean really hard. I have never seen such a immense gap between rich and poor. It's shocking. If you visit smaller villages by day you would think it's a ghost town, then at night the life awakens. The streets are filled with people selling, shouting, debating etc. Most places looked like slums, the living conditions there are tremendous. It was the first time for me, seeing so fatal poverty with my own eyes. In Egypt you really get to experience two entirely different worlds like never before. On the one side you have humongous palaces and mansions with paradise gardens and luxurious pools, and on the other side you have trashed ghettos with 8 people sitting on one tiny scooter. It's like heaven and earth!

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  1. Wow, that's such an adventure, for sure! I have seen that kind of poverty before and it is really impressive - caused me tears. I never saw 8 people on a scooter, but the kind of living you described, and it was really terrible to think how people can live that way, near palaces... and that apparently - I can't judge, obviously - nothing is being done. Anyway, such an adventure, glad you went there!