Glowing Amber meets Sapphire

Visiting Egypt one thing that stood out strikingly to me was the stunning color contrast of the golden sunset and the cobalt blue ocean. It was breathtaking. I haven't noticed before how beautifully the two colors harmonize, the intensely glowing Amber and the deep rich Sapphire. Everyone claimed the sunrise would be way better, but we were never able to wake up so early in the morning. So we had to settle for the sunset, which was already amazing enough for me. 

Dress: Mango | Sandals: Salamander

The only halfway bearable clothing item one could wear at the beach in Egypt was a light dress, other than that you would see everyone in their swim suits. So this white airy dress I packed came in perfectly! Also walking around barefoot was like walking on fire! So a big NO NO! Even on the short way from my canvas chair to the ocean I had to put on sandals, otherwise I would have gotten blisters and burns on my feet. Therefore I would recommend bringing flip flops or easy to slip in sandals. I had these gorgeous beaded pair from Salamander. Dressing for a chill day at the beach is literally my favorite thing to do, it's so much fun and laid-back! A breezy cover-up, a nice bathing suit, beach bag and flip flops. Done!


  1. A light, airy dress is vital in hotter temperatures. You & the the ocean look gorgeous. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. That sounded and looked like a great place to go! I love the sea and this sunset is really impressive! I loved your pictures, you look super sweet! I agree, this must be the case of wearing sandals all the time to avoid blisters, and thanks for the recommendation! Hope you have a very nice weekend!