Glowing Amber meets Sapphire

Visiting Egypt one thing that stood out strikingly to me was the stunning color contrast of the golden sunset and the cobalt blue ocean. It was breathtaking. I haven't noticed before how beautifully the two colors harmonize, the intensely glowing Amber and the deep rich Sapphire. Everyone claimed the sunrise would be way better, but we were never able to wake up so early in the morning. So we had to settle for the sunset, which was already amazing enough for me. 

The City of Roses aka Visby

Gotland is also referred to as the island of ruins and roses which is quite self-explanatory. The next day we got the opportunity to explore and get to know the biggest most historical significant city on the island. My first impression was that the entire city is just a scenery and that we are just on a Hollywood set. It feels surreal, because it's so beautiful. Simply too good to be true! The city is filled with impressive ruins, beautiful churches and lovely flowers. It put a spell on me..

Stripes and Summer Vibes