Going-Out Essentials

There're certain things you just need when you're going out, whether for a dinner, a cinema date or clubbing with friends. It's always good to have them at one's fingertips, in case of unexpected events, emergencies or unpleasant situations. You never know what could happen, so it's better to be prepared for any crisis. Even if the world ends, you will be able to look flawless and enjoy those last remaining minutes of your life to the max. I guess you probably would prefer not to carry around a gigantic suitcase all the time, that's why you need these small, space-saving and practical things as....

Monochrome but not Monotone

Praise the lord for the cooler temperatures! Majority of the people are probably cursing me right now but I'm sooo happy about the chilly weather. I have one exam down to go, so perfect circumstances to study. I don't feel like I'm missing out on something and it's easier to study and focus in this chilly weather. But to get my mind off a little I slipped into some comfy shoes and paid the Vine Festival a visit at the Millenáris Park close to the Mammut shopping centre. They had divine vines and mouth-watering burgers! What do you need more in life?

Urban Minimalism

It has gotten extremely hot here in Budapest, it's unbearable... I know I shouldn't be surprised, it's summer! But this year it has really affected me, I think I'm getting older... I can feel it in my bones. Haha just kidding, but I can surely say that there is a difference between how adults and children handle the heat. Enough of my grumbling, on to the outfit I was wearing out in the city for a lunch date today. 

Lost in the Moment

While my stay in Croatia I had some time to think and restore myself. This was not the typical touristy trip with all the racing and stressing from place to place in order to see every monument, attraction and sight. It was rather a Wellness & Spa and "Me-time" trip which was really refreshing.

Ocean Walk

The weather in Zadar improved abruptly on our second day and I could skip the jacket, but not the tights. That's still something... I was able to work with that. So I threw on a cute aztec printed dress which can be worn in all temperatures. No matter if it's hot or freezing cold. This dress is perfect for any occasion, well from my point of view. If I have no idea what to wear, I always gravitate towards this dress. The people around me already think I have nothing else in my wardrobe...It saves so much time and effort to have such a versatile dress in your wardrobe. Definitely a MUST!

Venetian Town in Croatia - Zadar