Exploring Zadar

On account of Pentecost we took advantage of the elongated weekend and drove to Croatia for some time-out and adventure. I expected Croatia to be much warmer and sunnier at this time of the year, but I guess we had bad luck. The weather was quite rainy, cold and windy. So sadly I couldn't pack my beloved light and breezy summer dresses and shorts. However to bring some color with me I decided to take my red coat with me. Wearing it I feel like the girl from the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. My outfit for walking around and exploring the city was based on comfort and casualty, given that the car ride from Budapest to Zadar took 6 hours and that I had a terrible cold. I tried to keep myself alive and looking normal in a grey t-shirt, black leggings and black combat boots. 

Shopping Paradise in Sweden

Shopping in Sweden is such an amazing experience, it literally takes this pleasure to a whole different level. Swedish designers know exactly what they're doing, they always get it right and their pieces are consistently on point. So if you have never seen Scandinavian design, I'm sorry but where have you been all your life? H&M is probably the most famous and most stereotype Swedish brand which will pop into your head, but that cannot even nearly grasp true Swedish design. Acne Studios, Filippa K, Swedish Hasbeens, Cheap Monday, Whyred, Tiger of Sweden, Fjällräven, Nudie Jeans, & Other Stories, Sandqvist and many many more. Now I take you with me on my shopping adventure and explorations in Gothenburg. 

A Day in Gothenburg

The first weekend of May my family and me spent in Sweden due to a big family celebration. We had the whole day to enjoy the Scandinavian atmosphere and to wander around the wonderful city of Gothenburg.

Japanese Vibes

Happy Childhood Memories

When I put on this dungaree I felt like a child again...like my mom would take me to the playground,  on our way she would get us some ice cream, then I would play in the sand and get dirty, play tag with my friends etc. All the memories started to dwell up in me. As a child you were so careless, unburdened and simply happy. Your biggest problem was you didn't get the toy you want or that you scraped your elbow. Ahhh... good times, good times.

Monaco Luxury

Summer is almost here! I can feel it everywhere, it's in the air...the warm breeze that strokes my face, the birds chirping, the trees wear their green garments and I wear sandals again! So many signs are indicating the arrival of summer. You just need to observe closely. The day I shot these pictures it was so warm, I was able to leave the house without tights and finally my legs enjoy freedom!