Villa Bagatelle - Best Breakfast In Budapest

For me going out for breakfast is something truly special.  I don't do it very often since I cannot go out of the house with a hungry and growling stomach. The problem is, when I'm hungry, I am extremely irritable and can become quite bitchy. That's one of my flaws... but it's simply who I am. But we decided to treat ourselves with a breakfast at Villa Bagatelle! It's this adorable white mansion with a garden for children to play, a bakery to get something quick to go and the actual café/bistro upstairs. 

Night Out Outfit

Lately I have been really enjoying going to the theatre, it's classy and I feel so culturally involved. A month ago I went to see the musical Chicago and this past weekend Woody Allen's wildly comic play, the Central Park West (in Hungarian "New York-i komédia"). Both plays were great, I had such a good time. Getting ready, dressing up, having a fancy dinner before, sipping champagne during the break and then applauding until the hands hurt! I love the whole process!

Bohemian Festival Vibes

Since Coachella was recently and I watched so many youtube videos on people who went to the festival, I got inspired to create this bohemian look. The festival was so amazing and it seems like half the world population was there in the desert partying and having a blast. I hope one day I will travel to California and partying in Indio. But for now I just party through my clothes.

Non-Tourist Vienna Guide

So as I promised in my previous post, here are some pictures of my one-day Vienna trip. A little follow me around, but don't expect too much. Vienna is almost my second home, I come here every month at least once. So that's why we skip the usual sight seeing and cultural stuff, since we have already seen the majority of it. This time we decided to go shopping and spend some moneyyy! So I take you with me on our shopping routine in Vienna.

The Weird In-Between Outfit

The sun is shining and it's starting to heat up, but disappointingly it's not fairly warm enough yet for bare legs, short skirts and shorts. You really want to take the next step, your fingers are itching to finally grab those lighter clothes and finally enter the wonderful world of summer season outfits! But the chillier weather holds you back and it becomes a heavy burden in your daily decision what to wear. I'm referring to the awkward time period, when you can not quite wear summer nor winter stuff, hence where you have to find an in-between outfit. 

Refreshing Healthy Summer Drink

Colorful, sweet, yummy, fun... what I am a talking about? Of course SMOOTHIES!

Smoothies have been really popular for quite some while now and I have been making them non stop. They are just so fun to make, since you have a lot of freedom creating them. You can literally use ANYTHING, whether it's fruit, seeds, yoghurt or vegetables. There's only one rule, be creative and don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. Express your adventurous side through culinary art. Drinking smoothies have many health benefits, such as improved digestion and stronger immune system. But most importantly it is a simple, fast, delicious and a guilt-free meal. Also during the unbearable summer heat it is a fantastic way to refresh and hydrate your body! So I came up with my favorite green smoothie creation: the Kiwi-Apple-Lassi!

Spring Awakening

Rise and Shine! Ever since I woke up this morning I have been in a fantastic mood! We had such a lovely and sunny day, I haven't felt this energized and happy in a long time. It feels like I have finally awakened from my winter sleep. And now I'm ready to flourish and enjoy life to the full! I decided to go the city centre and spend a girly day with my best friend. To accompany me into the city I wore this simple but hip outfit.

A Little Paris in Budapest

Paris, the city of love! Love of pastries and sweets perhaps? Well that, Budapest can offer you as well. I have discovered a cute little french café called Chez Dodo, which is specialized on macarons. 

Isn't this display window delightful? 

Dress up with Dresslink*

To solve my recent issue I came across this Korean online shop namely Dresslink, which has really cute and affordable clothing! This is perfect for summer, since some trends are only temporary and next year you will look at your clothes and be like "How could I wear this?!". Therefore it's not smart to spend loads of money on pieces you're only gonna wear a limited time. 

Now this online shop comes in handy, because their prices are very reasonable and good for people out there who are on a budget (including me). I placed these two items in my cart: a cute tropical print jumpsuit and this adorable bohemian white off-shoulder dress. I have been seeing this style everywhere lately and I am really digging it, so I had jump on the train. I can't wait to wear them!

*This is a collaboration with Dresslink, however my opinion is unbiased and completely honest.

Effortless Black and White

South Korean Exhibition in Budapest

Now that I am on Easter break, I have some extra time and I wanted to spend it wisely. So I asked my good friend Google for some advice. After some research he found this exhibition "South Korea - Asia's Hidden Gems" at the Korean Arts Center in Budapest, located near the Shopping Mall Mom Park. Since I'm very fascinated in Asian cultures I had to check out this photo gallery. As a plus for culture freaks like me, I have good news: the entry is free! But it only lasts until the end of April, thus don't hesitate too long and hurry up!

Zara | H&M | Stradivarius - Shopping Cravings

Are you familiar with that sad feeling when you look through a fashion magazine, and literally want EVERYTHING? But you know you can't afford it... I hate it! Like why do we need money to look and feel stylish? If I don't buy new things to freshen up my closet, I notice I start to feel incomplete and miserable after a while. So it's basically a never-ending urge to buy more and more, new and newer stuff. I wish I could solve this issue... having everything I want without spending a fortune. 
But for now I have to resign myself to just looking.

Armed for Sneaky April

It's April guys! Isn't that incredible?! Haha I just had to have the usual talk about how time flies by so fast and blablabla... my apologies. And with April we're not only one step closer to summer but we have to face the tricky and unpredictable weather. Thus we need to brace ourselves and hang in there! Every morning I have to deal with this challenge of finding the perfect outfit, which has to be stylish and adapted to the weather. I'm always end up dressing to warm or too revealing. The struggle is real, am I right girls? So to help you (and me) I have given it some thought and collected a few tips.

Casual vs. Chic

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Todays post is all about transformation! How to change a casual and comfy day-time look to an elegant night-time outfit! Ain't nobody got time for changing a whole outfit! With some little tips and tricks you can easily switch from day to night! Which option do you like the most? Laid-back or chic?