Weekend Trip to Vienna

Who doesn't know that feeling of urge to just escape reality and take a break?

For weeks I have been feeling sick without knowing the source of my sadness, but one day it crossed my mind that I haven't traveled as much lately. I detected I was suffering from Wanderlust.
So I treated myself with a weekend trip with my friends to Vienna, the capital of Austria.

A train ticket from Budapest to Vienna (return fare included) only costs 29€ and from Westbahnhof, 
the arrival location, everything is easily approachable by public transportation and even by foot.

Arriving in Vienna after a 2 hour long journey, we were starving and decided to grab something to eat 
at Vapiano, it's a fusion between a restaurant and fast-food with Italian dishes.

They cook the food freshly infront of you and you can season your food, while it's being prepared.
It's simple and fast, perfect if you're in a hurry, but still want to stay on the healthier side of fast-food. I usually order Pesto with Dinkel Fusilli.

Theeen, let's not forget about coffee! We discovered this coffee chain called Mokador, 
which we absolutely fell in love with over our stay in Austria and returned to various times. 
Their Cappuccino is just heavenly!

After wandering around in the city for hours in the cold, with the goal of finding our hostel and 
finally unpack, we were famished ...  again. 
We didn't want to spend hours to find a great restaurant, so we spontaneously settled for this bar/restaurant because of its name "Cafe Cosmopolitan".

Nice and calm atmosphere, perfect for a pleasant dinner.

The service was very good and quick and serving relatively ordinary food. 
Nothing too special, but it suited our standards as young students being on a budget.

I took the light plate, which consisted of herbage rice, grilled vegetables and chicken breast.

While strolling along the Mariahilfer Straße we experienced a demonstration supporting asylum seekers in Austria. It was a heck of an event! People were shouting and showing persuasively aid and support. That's very exemplary impressive of the Austrian population.


A little shopping tip: If you want to avoid the mainstream shops like Zara and H&M turn right/left to the smaller streets, where you can find unique little shops to rummage through. We found so many amazing boutiques, it's unbelievable what a variety there is.

Beanie: Primark
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Shoes: Vagabond
Jeans: Levis
Coat: Zara

Going out for breakfast is my all time favorite thing to do! It's just so much fun having breakfast with friends, chatting and starting of the day energetic.

We went to a place called "news cafe", which is 5 minutes away by foot from the Westbahnhof. The breakfast was affordable for Vienna prices and well-prepared, with fresh pressed orange juice and a free coffee of choice.

In terms of accommodation, I can recommend our hostel Ruthensteiner! Low Prices, great location close to the Stephansplatz and Mariahilfer Sraße (the main shopping street), clean rooms, free towels and a very nice staff, who arranged a pleasant stay for us. I just wish we would have had more time!


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