Timeless Kitchen: Robinson

What's this awful in-between weather? It's not warm nor cold, there's no sunshine and only a few rain drops... Seriously this is the worst! Like, c'mon! Weather, pick a side! 

As always I brightened my day with spending some quality time with my best friend and food. 
This is all you need to be happy! Often we think it's much more complicated and that we need that and this, but in reality happiness lies right in front of us. We just need to open our eyes and find joy in the ordinary. The smallest things can be the greatest pleasures. 

(Stole some wise words from Pinterest, don't blame me. Who doesn't get inspiration from there?)

Again Going for something NEW! This time we tried Robinson, which is located near the Hero Square right at the lake with a great view over it. Especially during the summer it must be nice.

The interior is modern and creative with some american vibes.

The menu is also very American, they have quite a selection of steaks and other heavy meat dishes.


Anyhow I chose .... Guess what? Pasta! What a surprise, right? 
I almost never it pasta... hahaha who am I kidding though. My life basically consists of pasta.

 These are the baked Asian noodles and my friend went for gnocchi and a mango lemonade.
 The portions were enormous and very filling, but somehow we managed to eat it all...
The prices are alright, they range from 3.000 Ft to 10.000 Ft. Not the cheapest but in my opinion its worth to splurge on good quality food.


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