Oxford University Style

Every day is getting warmer and longer, which fills me with so much joy and energy! The sun makes such a difference in my life. When it's bright outside I instantly feel happier and motivated! 
Why is it that the weather affects us so much?

Talking about energy and motivation, today I felt like simply DOING something! Not like planning something in the minutest detail, no. Merely go to the city without any concrete intentions, just spontaneously decide what to do and be open to everything! So I grabbed my sister and together we went to the Danube waterside where the Parliament is. We took some pictures, wandered around the area and just enjoyed not being under pressure nor hurrying to upcoming appointments. It feels so liberating and I simply enjoy my life, this moment and appreciate everything I have. It's so rare that someone would say he/she is happy and satisfied, but now I genuinely am.

Sunnies: Mango | Blazer: Pull&Bear | Top: Marc Cain | Jeans: A&F | Shoes: Sperry's | Bag: Ted Benson

This outfit is shaped around comfort, I love looking put together and neat, where I seemingly have spent hours getting ready but in reality I only sacrificed a couple of minutes. I threw on a pair of snug skinny jeans with an oversized T-Shirt and completed the look with an elegant, however laid-back blazer. Blazers are the key to jazz up a casual outfit, since they add so much sophistication. 
Now you're left with a comfy yet preppy look!


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