Coffee Tasting: Pazar

Budapest is filled with unique and awesome cafés. I feel there is too little time and too many new places I need to check out! I just want to try them all! While maundering around in the city with my sister we saw this adorable café and spontaneously decided to give it a shot! 

"Pazar" means waste and is a tiny café-bar close the Parliament.

They sell caramelized nuts, tea, homemade cookies and crackers, müsli, cakes and bagels. It's a perfect place for breakfast when you're alone or with a smaller group of friends, because they only have some bar chairs on the side and a little upstairs seating area. Their cookies are definitely worth trying, because they're homemade and prepared with healthy ingredients. So no chemicals or additives. Aaand of course, they are delicious! I tried a basic cappuccino and my sister got the iced coffee. Both were very good, but the size is too small and for the money you pay, you would expect to get more.

 I'm obsessed with finding and testing new little sweet places. I wish I could make it my job, something like "coffee taster". I think I'm gonna make a series about trying new cafés on my blog and this would be the first one. What do you think? Would be interested in that?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Nice place ! Would love to have a coffee there !

  2. Budapest has so many cute cafes, you need to visit sometime! xoxo