Rosy Spring Glow

To welcome spring I have gathered together my favorite beauty products! I love makeup which gives me that fresh, dewy and rosy radiation. And that's what spring is all about! The blossom of our soul, as well as our inner and outer beauty. 

Starting the Shorts-Season

Finally, I'm able to start peeling of all the layers! I already put away the jacket and the scarf. Yay! We're making some progress towards summer! And the most essential pieces of my summer wardrobe are shorts... I have to admit I have a slight short addiction. You'll soon notice in my upcoming summer outfit posts. I have a LOT of shorts! I don't know why and what it is about them but I can't stop buying them. I simply love them. Sooo I'm setting a starting point for shorts. 

Let me officially announce, it's SHORTS season again!

Signs of Spring

As the sun was shining so bright and welcoming, I spontaneously decided to go for a walk with my little dog, called Rozi. It's so fascinating to observe the nature and see small changes everyday. Usually we wouldn't recognize them, therefore you have to look closely day-to-day. Spring just pops right in, without any big announcement or everlasting waiting time. Suddenly everything changes and I wanted to capture these slight details.

Manhattan Matt

It's finally getting warmer and warmer, and the sun is peeking out more often! So it's time to put away those dark winter colors from your wardrobe and vanity and embrace the bright and striking spring colors! After mantling ourselves in dark colors all winter long, these colors give us happiness and new motivation again. So when I saw these nail polishes in the store, I was magical enamored. It was love at first sight! Aren't they just a dream? The colors are fairylike and so pretty!

Timeless Kitchen: Robinson

What's this awful in-between weather? It's not warm nor cold, there's no sunshine and only a few rain drops... Seriously this is the worst! Like, c'mon! Weather, pick a side! 

As always I brightened my day with spending some quality time with my best friend and food. 
This is all you need to be happy! Often we think it's much more complicated and that we need that and this, but in reality happiness lies right in front of us. We just need to open our eyes and find joy in the ordinary. The smallest things can be the greatest pleasures. 

(Stole some wise words from Pinterest, don't blame me. Who doesn't get inspiration from there?)

Spring Desire

Argh, I want spring! I want it and I need it. 
I think I'm seriously suffering from a really bad condition of summertime sadness disease. Even though it was freaking cold outside, I decided to not play by the rules and just wear a tank/crop top and no tights!!! Shocking! I know, I'm so bad ass. You can't even deal with it.

Japanese Tea House

Drinking water is the most important and essential thing in the world, although many people don't considered it the same way. Water is vital for all known forms of life and covers 71% of the Earth's surface. Also the human body contains around 60% water, so to function properly, our body requires 1 to 7 liters of water in order to avoid dehydration. I wanted to emphasize this again, even though I'm sure you have heard this a million times, but drinking sufficient water can be challenging for many people, including me. 

Therefore, to make it easier I like to switch it up with tea, flavored hot water! Lately I have been really into drinking tea and trying different flavors, green tea, chai tea, white tea etc. There are so many delicious and health beneficial teas. And when I saw this little tea room & shop in the city I just had to check it out, because you don't stumble across tea houses everyday, especially not in Hungary.

The Beauty In Simplicity

It's all about that base! To built a good wardrobe, your first thing would have to be to get basics. 
Owning basics allows you to create so many different looks. If you have the headstone, you can add the statement and striking pieces. Next step, mixing and matching. Thats what fashion is about! 
Even if you don't have the money to constantly buy new clothes for new outfits, by my m&m-theory you can come up with new, fresh and exciting looks!

Coffee Tasting: Pazar

Budapest is filled with unique and awesome cafés. I feel there is too little time and too many new places I need to check out! I just want to try them all! While maundering around in the city with my sister we saw this adorable café and spontaneously decided to give it a shot! 

Creation or Destruction?

"Every act of creation, is first an act of destruction."

Oxford University Style

Every day is getting warmer and longer, which fills me with so much joy and energy! The sun makes such a difference in my life. When it's bright outside I instantly feel happier and motivated! 
Why is it that the weather affects us so much?

Rocking Edgy Elegance

Hello and welcome or welcome back!

On my trip to Vienna I got these round sunglasses and let me tell you, it was love at first sight!
 My whole outfit is based and created around this new piece of awesomeness. 
It gave me so much inspiration and a whole different mindset on my style.

Weekend Trip to Vienna

Who doesn't know that feeling of urge to just escape reality and take a break?

For weeks I have been feeling sick without knowing the source of my sadness, but one day it crossed my mind that I haven't traveled as much lately. I detected I was suffering from Wanderlust.
So I treated myself with a weekend trip with my friends to Vienna, the capital of Austria.

A train ticket from Budapest to Vienna (return fare included) only costs 29€ and from Westbahnhof, 
the arrival location, everything is easily approachable by public transportation and even by foot.