Vintage Garden

I went out with some friends on the 15th of February, yes you read correctly. 
We celebrated one day after Valentines Day!! OMG, Shocking News! Not on the 14th of February, what's wrong with us?But that's how we role. 
Let me keep you up-to-date, this is the new thing. 

Why are we forced to do what the majority dictates and obligates? Sooo we decided to break out of this cycle of main stream and make our own habits and holidays. 

 You may ask Why? but you know what, Why not?
YOLO (just ignore this...)

We went to our newest discovery and favorite place to eat for special events. 

It's simply the cutest and most adorable restaurant you can find in downtown Budapest!

The interior is lovely designed and their theme changes appropriately to every season.

Everything was covered in pastel ballons, hearts and pretty fairy lights.

They had scrumptious little sweet treats, like macaroons, cupcakes and cake pops...

I almost always eat pasta, because the selection is so special and really delicious. 
I always try to convince myself to try something new, but I never get around to do so... 
This is the proof that this pasta just has to be good, because I can't get away from it.

They had these cute little heart candies on the table, I could hardly stay away from snacking them.
We also took some polaroid shots to capture these unforgettable little moments in life, 
which you should hold on to as strongly as possible, since they are the most valuable.

I truly recommend this place, because of the amazing service, the scrumptious food and lovely interior design. My only concern would be that it's a little bit on the pricier side, so I would advice to go there for special occasions.

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  1. I am drooling over this yummy food. The venue is just fabulous. I have been to numerous San Francisco restaurants but never visited such elegant food spot. These heart shaped candies are looking great. I hope you enjoyed a lot over there!