Skiing Adventures in Sesto

For 3 years now we come to this place to ski and I must say this year was the best! The weather was absolutely fantastic and there weren't many people. Sesto/Sexten is definitely a place you should take a look at, if you're searching for a good, calm and family friendly skiing resort.

This is the view from the ski lift! Stunning!

My skiing outfit!

As you see the slopes were almost empty and they were very neat!

From Sesto you can enter many various ski resorts, which are all connected 

through ski lifts or free of charge buses. There are mostly red slopes, however they are all 

manageable for beginners as well, because they're so well-groomed. My favorite thing about this 

resort is the selection of really long slopes, where you don't spend all your time on the lift.

The sun was so strong I got sun burned!

A little break in our favorite "Hütte"!

My favorite drink to sip on is black tea with lemon! It's just perfect to restore after so much workout!

And of course lets don't forget about food!

I almost always chose this pasta with bacon and mushrooms or sometimes soup, but that doesn't give 

you enough energy to ski properly. So I most often went for the pasta. It looks like a giant portion, 

but if you burned so many calories you simply need this calorie bomb!

In favor of the approaching carnival, they built this giant igloo castle with a bar and some extra rooms 

to party in. Unfortunately we couldn't experience it, because we left the day before...

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