Jewelry Collection

"Diamonds are a girls best friend!"

Who hasn't heard this expression yet? We, women just love everything

 that's pretty and glittery, and it's usually the key to our hearts.

So I have gathered together some of my favorite little treasures

A classic pearl necklace is timeless and classy

So as an everyday watch, which give you that extra tinge of elegance.

Additionally some gorgeous bracelets, mine are from Nomination and Thomas Sabo.

Rings are my absolute favorite accessory! With the right nail polish you're gonna look impeccable!

Lastly statement necklaces, which can spice up any boring outfit.

Mine are from Zara or Promod, they have the best quality and aesthetic necklaces.

This Buddha necklace is a vintage piece from my mom and 

now I'm also emotionally attached to this goodie.