Gourmet Meals at Wellness Hotel

The Hotel we stayed in, offered an amazing 5 course gourmet dinner! It was incredibly delicious and was served very fancy and elegant. Afterwards we were feeling like bloated ballons, but the meal was definitely worth it!

Dessert buffet with strawberries, chocolate fountain, creme brûlée, tiramisu, mascarpone, tartes etc.

Pumpkin Soup with a fried cheese ball

Mandarin Sorbet

Steak with Potatoes and Vegetables

Honey Melon Soup


Duck marinated in Honey and Beans on the side

Giant Scampi with grilled Zucchini 

Homemade Strawberry Sorbet

Poppy Seed Tartlet with mulled wine Ice Cream

The Hotel is called Monika and it's turning into a five star hotel this year.

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  1. Thanks dear for these reviews about this hotel. Food looks so yummy. Honey-melon soup is my favorite. I think this place is perfect for my upcoming corporate party. Hey, could you please suggest some interesting corporate party ideas too?