Lingering through Vaci Street

Shopping is like a weekly routine for me, I'm always on the hunt for new fashion and trends. I don't know about you, but personally I hate these gigantic malls filled with crowds of people! So I'm blessed to have a beautiful shopping street in my city. The Váci street in Budapest is the perfect environment to get inspired and shop without getting that dizzy feeling such as in a mall.

Vintage Garden

I went out with some friends on the 15th of February, yes you read correctly. 
We celebrated one day after Valentines Day!! OMG, Shocking News! Not on the 14th of February, what's wrong with us?But that's how we role. 
Let me keep you up-to-date, this is the new thing. 

Why are we forced to do what the majority dictates and obligates? Sooo we decided to break out of this cycle of main stream and make our own habits and holidays. 

 You may ask Why? but you know what, Why not?
YOLO (just ignore this...)

Last Day in Italy

Whyyyy, why does the always have to that moment of farewell and endings. NO I want great things to last forever, but I know we can't have anything. So I will have to try to deal with it.

These pictures were taken on our last day in Italy. It was such a great vacation and I had such a good time, I really wish I could go back in time and experience it all over again!

Skiing Adventures in Sesto

For 3 years now we come to this place to ski and I must say this year was the best! The weather was absolutely fantastic and there weren't many people. Sesto/Sexten is definitely a place you should take a look at, if you're searching for a good, calm and family friendly skiing resort.

Gourmet Meals at Wellness Hotel

The Hotel we stayed in, offered an amazing 5 course gourmet dinner! It was incredibly delicious and was served very fancy and elegant. Afterwards we were feeling like bloated ballons, but the meal was definitely worth it!

Dessert buffet with strawberries, chocolate fountain, creme brûlée, tiramisu, mascarpone, tartes etc.

Bohemian Bruneck Exploring

Looking through your clothes and discovering the expression "Made in Italy" on the label immediately fills us women with happiness. Italy is famous for its designer brands, such as Georgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, and great quality. 

Staying in Italy, we couldn't possibly leave without purchasing anything. Hello?! It's Italy, baby! An inevitable must! Bruneck is the largest town in the Italian province of South Tyrol and it has some lovely little boutiques to rummage in. So we decided to take a look at the city and shop a couple of souvenirs etc.

South Tyrol

After a stressful week of exams South Tyrol is a well deserved rest and escape from my life.
The 6 hour car drive was tolerable with some coffee and toilet breaks. We soon arrived and were welcomed at our all time favorite 4 and a half star hotel Monika with some champagne.

Let the wellness and relaxation begin! 

Antemeridian skiing and in the afternoons unwinding in their pool, jacuzzi or one of their many sauna's. We were so lucky with timing and weather! The Italians and Austrians weren't on vacation, so the ski slopes were almost empty and the weather was dreamlike! It was just perfect!

Vagabond Shoes

Vagabond is a Swedish brand and was founded in the late 60's.

I've been always amazed by their sense of fashion and quality, they produce shoes and leather goods of which you're assured a great price-performance ratio.

Jewelry Collection

"Diamonds are a girls best friend!"

Who hasn't heard this expression yet? We, women just love everything

 that's pretty and glittery, and it's usually the key to our hearts.

So I have gathered together some of my favorite little treasures