The Sun is Back!

The last day of January and it was so beautiful weather! I woke up a little grumpy but when I took a look outside my mood promptly changed! It's crazy how much we're affected by weather... When it's grey and cold outside I usually feel tired and have a head ache, however sun makes me all happy and bubbly!

I recently got this amazing red coat, so in favor of the gorgeous weather I decided to throw this on and kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple.

Who does not dream of a red coat? I absolutely love this one from Benetton, which I snatched in the winter sale from Benetton.

To make the most out of this gift of fantastic weather, I went for a long walk. I haven't really left the house for the past few days, hence it felt wonderful to get some fresh air.

Afterwards, I went to have lunch with my family at one of our favorite restaurant and it's also really close to where I live.

I had this homemade pumpkin pasta with shrimps, it was so delicious!


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