The Sun is Back!

The last day of January and it was so beautiful weather! I woke up a little grumpy but when I took a look outside my mood promptly changed! It's crazy how much we're affected by weather... When it's grey and cold outside I usually feel tired and have a head ache, however sun makes me all happy and bubbly!

Winter Wonderland

Remember the childhood memory of waking up to unexpected snow?

that incredible, happy feeling seeing everything covered in a 

beautiful layer of white magic...

Bag Guide/ Bag Collection

There are some essential bags every woman needs in her handbag collection:

  • the versatile bag: is black, because it has to go with everything and when you're in a hurry, you can just grab it and you won't look like a clown

  • the statement bag: first and only rule, it has to be bold and striking! Sometimes when you're not in the mood to dress all fancy, and just want to wear slouchy clothes and feel comfy, this bag will be your best friend

  • the practical bag: this bag has to be big and spacious, for grocery shopping or in general shopping, when you need to carry a lot of stuff or even for travel

  • the city bag: a nice and elegant little bag for night outs, dates and meeting girlfriends, it has to be little nevertheless your phone and wallet have to fit in, the cross body bag is a good option

So this is my little collection:

Food Diary

As a new years resolution I decided to eat clean and live a healthier lifestyle,
but I could not say no to some sweet treats and snacks. 
So I went on the hunt for some guilt-free recipes and I've found some delicious foods to snack on.

Zara Wish List

Zara always has insanely good sale, here are some pieces I'm currently eying:

The Historical Castle District in Budapest

We went for a little walk to the famous historical Castle in Budapest. Even though I have seen it a 
thousand times, I really like coming here, walking around and enjoying all the beautiful buildings, 
churches and sights. Surprisingly, I never get bored of it and always find something new, because 
they're constantly working on new attractions for tourist. And dometimes I like to pretend to be a tourist...;)

Lush Haul

Now that Christmas is over, all the limited editions and christmas sets are on sale! It's all 50% off!

Sooo of course I had to go and take a look and I found some goodies 

New Year, New Start - Cleanse

Happy New Year everyone! 

(Sorry I'm a litte late..)

There's phrase that says how the first day of the year turns out, that's how your entire years gonna be.
So I started off 2015 with a little relaxation in order to cleanse my soul and find myself.