Budapest Zoo

The weather is so sneaky, thus you can easily get fooled by it. 
Looking outside the window and seeing the warming sun, instantly you think SUMMER! 
But I'm sorry to disappoint you, that's not the case at all...sadly :(
The air is stinging cold and frosty and as on a winter day it hurts to breath.

However I don't like sitting around at home and moping, 
I like to be active, do things and try out something exciting! So we decided to go to the Zoo!
The main entrance of the Budapest Zoo looks very welcoming and impressive.

We saw this cute baby elephant with its mother, they were so adorable.

After walking around in the iciness, we came across this café. 
It looked very appealing to us, therefore we sat down and had a little coffee break there.

"Little" maybe be a bit exaggerated... we were so out of energy, hence we had to order a refill :D


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