Brighten with Glamour

To brighten a boring and grey day, spice up your outfit! That's my recipe ;)
(it really works, try for yourself)

Because during the colder months, you cover your features and wrap your body with warm clothing,
it gets kinda monoton and depressing. For that reason you need to figure out a way,
how to feel good from the inside and to also show that from the outside.
Today I chose a fitting maxi dress, because it's very comfortable, the material is so soft 
and at the same time it compliments the body shape. 

To still keep me warm, I paired it with a black fake fur vest.

So that I don't look like I just woke up and stayed in my pajamas, I had to add something striking!

I decided to go with this statement necklace from Zara, which I absolutely adore *_*

It's so beautiful, if I didn't know, I would say it's worth a million bucks.

Lastly, to not give the impression of a snobbish brat, 

I wore these rocker-vibe black and burgundy boots and a little bonus: they have plateau ;)

So for all the short girls out there, 

plateau winter boots which actually keep you warm and are good quality exist!!!

I hope you enjoyed and I could give you some inspiration!


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