Integrate Summer into Winter - Outfit Idea

This cold is starting to get on my nerves...I want summer back!
I tried so hard to adjust and put this feeling aside...but I just can't hold it back.
So to get a little of the summer feeling back, I wore a crop top and my light washed denim jacket, 
which brings up so many summer nights-memories :)

Ootd - My Go-To Fall Look

Today I felt like dressing comfy, so I put on my ripped boyfriend jeans, 
a cropped sweater and this amazing fake fur jacket, which I recently found in my mom's closet.

Budapest Zoo

The weather is so sneaky, thus you can easily get fooled by it. 
Looking outside the window and seeing the warming sun, instantly you think SUMMER! 
But I'm sorry to disappoint you, that's not the case at all...sadly :(
The air is stinging cold and frosty and as on a winter day it hurts to breath.

Brighten with Glamour

To brighten a boring and grey day, spice up your outfit! That's my recipe ;)
(it really works, try for yourself)

Enjoy Frosty Days in the City

Lately it has become freezing cold here in Hungary! It already feels like winter ...-.-
So I had to whip out my warm coat, an oversized scarf (to keep me warm) and a cute knitted hat.

Ludovika Vintage Style

Recently I went to the Vintage Shop "Ludovika" and I found so many cute clothes, 
but for now I only got this maxi skirt with this print...I can't really describe the pattern
but see for yourself ;)