Walk to Elizabeth Tower

My family from Sweden is currently visiting us in Budapest, 
and I figured, to get a little active and to show them a great view over the city,
 I would walk to the Elizabeth Tower (Hungarian: Erzsébet-kilátó), 
which stands on the John's Hill (Hungarian: János hegy).

It seems pretty far away, but I can assure you it's only a half hour walk.

We are not at the highest point, yet the view is already amazing!

Finally! We made it! It was quite a hike...

The tower was built in 1911 and is named after Empress Elizabeth of Austria, 

because it was her favorite place in Hungary.

This day was a little foggy, therefore it gives a kind of mysterious impression. So beautiful!

That's me (left) and my friend (right). I'm wearing my leather jacket and a cosy scarf from H&M.


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