Recently I went to Rotterdam for a week 
for a project called Comenius, which broaches the issue of migration in Europe. We got the opportunity to talk to refugees and connect to students from all over Europe.

The first night we went to the city centre and this immediately caught my eyes, 
this insane marketplace of Rotterdam just opened a week ago.

That night I also saw these Cube Houses!!! The architecture is just amazing! 
Everything is so modern, youthful and fun. I really enjoyed the creative architectural designs.

We ate dinner at an Italian place called "Happy Italy", 
it was so delicious but the portions were too big! I couldn't even finish half of it...

The next day we had a reception at the city hall with the representative of the mayor of Rotterdam, 
We exchanged information on migration in our countries, there were students from Germany, Poland, Turkey, Hungary and of course the Netherlands.

Then we ate lunch at this dutch fast food chain called "Bram Ladage". 

The Euromast

This day was really rainy and cloudy, so we did not have a good view, yet it still looks amazing.


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