My Birthday

For my birthday I got a Sony Alpha 58 camera!!!
I was so excited, now I can finally make good quality photos!

The first photograph I took was (of course) of my dog, isn't she cute? 

Szamos is the best cafe on the Buda side in my opinion. It's definitely worth to check it out!

So we went to Szamos to celebrate my day of birth with some coffee, cake and a sandwich :D

For dinner we went out to this urban restaurant called Tokyo in downtown Budapest. 

They serve outstanding sushi and it's very popular among the youth, 

because it's close to many bars and clubs.

This place strives for a Japanese urban looking restaurant with all the neon lights and Japanese letters. 

We always go for sushi, but the rice and pasta dishes should be also very savory.

It was sooooo good, my absolute favorite is the fried tokyo cheese sushi!

My mom and me :)

The Basilica is really close the restaurant, so after this amazing meal we went for a little walk.

My little sister and me posing and working our modeling skills :D

I had a fantastic day, I feel so blessed!
I'm so thankful and happy to have such an awesome family who care so much about me! 


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