Excursion to Szilvásvárad

Today we went on a excursion to a little village called "Szilvásvárad", 
which is located north-east from Budapest.

Because it was raining, we decided to eat something first. 

We stumbled across this pleasant restaurant.

To warm ourselves up we ordered chicken broth with noodles.

The fish called "Pisztráng" in Hungarian is bred in that village, so we had this as our main dish.
It was extra crispy and the fish had such a good flavor!

Feeling energized, full and happy we started our adventure through this beautiful forest.

I wore a knitted bandana from H&M to keep my ears warm, 
the scarf is also from H&M and is soooooo soft, I recently got it and I'm already in love!

Coat: Benetton, Black Skinny Jeans: Pull&Bear, Black Leather Shoes: Zara

Discovered this lizard laying on this branch on the ground by accident. 

I was so amazed by the moss on this tree and its roots *_* 

Nature is just so fascinating and beautiful!

We also climbed up a little hill to take a look at this cave from the Stone Age.

My outline :)

There were so many cute bridges over this petite stream.

A lovely veil water fall

The water is so clear, you could actually see the bottom.

It felt good to breath so fresh and clean air... after the busy big city life


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