Dutch Architecture

The first sunny day!

Reflection of the sky in the skyscrapers *_*

The new Central Station and they actually used the letters of the old Central Station.

The lights look like cranes and remind of the former largest harbor in the world in Rotterdam.

We found this teletubbies-hill with a mini exotic garden inside to relax.

A building looking like a pencil and a statue reminding of a UFO.

We also took a look at the marketplace from the inside.

On the ceiling they have 3D printed the goods you can purchase inside,  for example fruits, bread and vegetables etc.

You can actually go upstairs of the sales stalls and have a rest there.

We were so hungry, so of course I got something sweeeet.

Strawberries and you could chose unlimited toppings! Chocolate sauce, smarties, marshmallows...


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