Halloween Costume: Sugar Skull


The time of the year is finally here!!! 
You can dress up again as in your childhood and eat lots of candy and without feeling guilty about it.

Walk to Elizabeth Tower

My family from Sweden is currently visiting us in Budapest, 
and I figured, to get a little active and to show them a great view over the city,
 I would walk to the Elizabeth Tower (Hungarian: Erzsébet-kilátó), 
which stands on the John's Hill (Hungarian: János hegy).

My Birthday

For my birthday I got a Sony Alpha 58 camera!!!
I was so excited, now I can finally make good quality photos!

City of Eger

Yesterday on our way home we stopped at the city "Eger" for dinner and we also took a walk around the beautiful city. The weather wasn't not on our side, but we didn't let it bother us.

Excursion to Szilvásvárad

Today we went on a excursion to a little village called "Szilvásvárad", 
which is located north-east from Budapest.

Fall Spirit

I already started decorating for Halloween/ Fall!
That way it's much easier to adapt to the upcoming season and to let go of summer...

Dutch Windmills

The last day early in the morning we went to see the famous windmills. 


Who doesn't dream about visiting Amsterdam someday? 
But let's face it, we all know what the true reason behind this wish is..
I was thinking about the unspeakable and illegal...YES: the amazing cheese and tulips! 
Haha no just kidding, I know we all want those hot dutch guys ;)
Nah but now for real, the only country where weed is legal! Whoop, whoop!

Dutch Architecture


Recently I went to Rotterdam for a week 
for a project called Comenius, which broaches the issue of migration in Europe. We got the opportunity to talk to refugees and connect to students from all over Europe.