Thai Food in Bp

There are days when I'm in the mood for something spicy and eastern.
So when I crave asian food, I go straight to Padthai Wokbar. This place has exceptionally good thai food! Definitely check it out if you're on a budget and need to quickly pick some food up.

This is their menu, of which you can create your personalized meal.

So you can chose your base, toppings and sauce and add as much as you want.

The ambiance is really nice and it's perfect for dinner it's, because of the relaxing and calming vibe.

You can watch your food being cooked, they prepare everything extremely fast and incredibly skilled!

I ordered vegetable base, with mushrooms and Japan Teriyaki sauce. It was sooo delicious!!

In the summer you can enjoy your food outside, but they also have seating area inside for the colder months.

Afterwards, my friend and me went for a walk to digest the food. It's so nice to walk around in the centre of Budapest, because everyday you can discover something new and exciting, also the city's beauty amazes me over and over again. I've been living here fore more than 10 years now and I'm still not bored of this city here yet. I like to call the ferris wheel the Budapest "Eye".

Even when the weather is not so brilliant, the city speaks for itself and leaves a lasting impression.

Coffee chains as Starbucks, Costa and the Coffee Shop Company are very widespread and you can find them at any corner.


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