Summer Deja Vu

Today I woke up thinking it was gonna be sad and cold, so I put on tights, long sleeve shirt and a jacket...aand my outfit was a miss! The entire day I was regretting my choice, it was so incredibly sunny and warm!!! It felt like summer came back to say hello again... Because it was so hot outside, we weren't feeling too hungry so we decided to hit up our favorite summer salad bar to enjoy the last shafts of sunlight properly.

I ate a Mexican quinoa salad, but I lost my footage :/
Nevertheless it was so refreshing and yummy, but at the same time filling as well.

Fruccola is like a subway but instead you can create your own salad, you also have the choice between pasta, salmon or delicious paninis or sandwiches.

What a surprise!! There's a Zara next to it....A coincidence? Or nah!


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