Secret Medicine against Summertime Sadness's the time of the year when days start to get shorter with every day, when you wake up in the morning and it's still dark, when you get home from a long day and realize it's already starting to get gloomy, when apparently the leaves turn golden but in your eyes it's simply brown, when you start to feel the piercing air of winter in your lungs and nose, when you unfortunately have to pack away your summer clothing, when all the beautiful colored flowers and bushes are gone, when everything just turns bald, grey and sad, and you start to feel depressed...

and then it's time for CRAZY SOCKS!!!!

To bring color and happiness back in to your life and avoid Summertime Sadness ;)

These are the weed socks from HUF. I really like them because of the different ranges of fun colors, coziness and they're edgy as well...Ssshh we all know why
but back to the topic, socks are basic and a stable essential for the cold months.


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