Lazy Philosophical Sunday

It was so weird weather today...
In the afternoon the sun peeked out a little, then suddenly it began to rain like crazy!
Then it stopped, then it started raining again, and this went on the entire day-.-
So I was trapped at home all day without internet...

(I got really philosophical and deep thoughts came to my mind, and I thought why not share it)

Yet I took advantage of the situation and accomplished stuff I usually don't do. Normally I don't have time or simply don't bother to do reasonable things because it's much easier to just take out your phone, watch videos on youtube, go through tumblr, scroll down the images on Instagram or stalk people on Facebook. However I decided it is time to put these absurd electronics away, because lets 
face it, did it bring you further in life? Did you learn something new that's gonna help you? Did it 
make you more advanced? Noooo...not really. You'll have to admit it. It's the truth. I came to the 
conclusion I need to spend and distribute my time more wisely, since it's very precious and I don't 
want to sit there one day and wonder what I've been doing for the past years and realize that I actually 
haven't achieved anything in life. I'm aware this statement is a little dramatic, but if you don't pay 
attention, who knows... So I went ahead and turned off all my electronic devices. You'll be surprised 
how amazing it feels. It takes time to adjust, but once you figured it out, you will enjoy every single 
minute, because you're physically and mentally there in that inimitable unique moment. It's hard to 
describe that feeling. Personally I feel free, independent, unburdened and carefree. I could list a lot 
more adjectives, though I think everyone needs to experience for themselves. You'll realize that the 
meaning of life and happiness changes. Before you were keen on a new bag from Zara for example, 
but then you clear your mind and notice you don't necessarily need it to be happy. Life is all about the 
simple treasures, spend quality time with your family and friends, or do something for your soul, read
a book, take a long relaxing bath, work out etc. There's so much you can do! Sadly we forget about 
that...We're trapped in this digital world and it's time to wake up and observe the real world.


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