Evening Out in Indie-Bar

Deák Ferenc Square - this is where most of the nightlife is happening in Budapest, 
there are a lot of clubs, pubs and bars around this area ;)

Tonight we went for a drink to this bar called "Szatyor" which translated means bag.

It's interior design looks amazing!!! It's so unique, I bet you have never seen anything like this.

I can't get over this awesome design! I really enjoyed looking at the abstract paintings on the wall, the colorful lamps and the objects hanging from the ceiling.

A 3D Car breaking through the wall *_*

You can find many indie bars like this in Budapest, such as "Instant" and "Szimpla", they look very similar.

Their selection of drinks is also very unique, we tried a basel-ginger lemonade which was delicious!

The atmosphere of this bar was very calming ... good to get away from all the stress :) And have a good time with some friends!

The bar tender was creeping on us, I just had to capture this moment! It was hilarious!

I had a chatty evening with the girls, some wine, tea and nuts.... Perfection!


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