Creation or Destruction?

"Every act of creation, is first an act of destruction."

This is a mosaic collage I created. As you see, the right side is bright and cheerful, because it is made 
up of photographs from the pure nature, such as flowers, plants and trees. The other side, on the 
contrary, shows the opposite. It gives a very blurry, dirty and sad impression. The reason behind that,
 is that it consists of photographs of human-made objects, for instance buildings, trash and power 
lines. Thereby I want to point out the immense pollution of nature. We, people destroy everything and  
don't pay any attention to our environment. We no longer respect, value, honor, nourish, enjoy and 
appreciate it, as in past times. Current humanity produces everything itself and ignores the generous 
gifts of mother Earth, thus nature is gonna fade gradually. The left side is rough and blurry on 
purpose, as it has no real value. Technical progress does not bring us forward, but solely drives us in 
our own destruction. We should not change anything in the nature, it is designated like this and we 
have to accept and live with it. In addition, the right side is much more detailed and and refers to the 
incredible large value of untouched nature. It's a reminder, because today's society has totally 
digressed from it. Nature has so many different sides to explore and it's a shame we don't take 
advantage of this opportunity. Everyone can interpret this picture in his own way, there's no right or
 wrong. This is just how I see the world. 

However I would like to emphasize the environmental 
pollution, since if we're not careful, one day earth it's possibly gonna look like the grey side on the 
collage. You look out the airplane window, and no beautiful green landscapes nor sparkling blue 
oceans will catch your eye, rather bare dull grey areas. On this account you should not sit at home 
and wait for others to act, that's not gonna help. Each individual can chose to contribute! 
With this illustration I would like to inspire and subsequent motivate :) 
You could support organizations, use public transport, recycle 
and use every chance to collect trash from the street etc. 


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