Girly & Cozy

French Classiness

Trench coats just scream France to me, I don't know what it is about them, but the is look so Parisienne. To break that a little down, I styled it with some slip-ons, a black leather skirt and a black and white top. 

Family Dinner

Today my parents celebrated their 20th anniversary, so we went out to eat at this great restaurant "Bock Bisztró".

Sun-Kissed Romantic Outfit

Today I styled a very romantic bohemian outfit, because well I just felt like it!
I wore a floral maxi skirt with a red crop top, and to match the look I put my hair up in a messy bun.

Lazy Philosophical Sunday

It was so weird weather today...
In the afternoon the sun peeked out a little, then suddenly it began to rain like crazy!
Then it stopped, then it started raining again, and this went on the entire day-.-
So I was trapped at home all day without internet...

(I got really philosophical and deep thoughts came to my mind, and I thought why not share it)

Modern Retro Look

Feeling some Retro vibes in the air! I felt like a 90s chick!
These black Levis belonged to my mother and she wore them when she was young.
My top is also from a vintage store, only my bag from Zara and shoes from H&M are somewhat new.

Evening Out in Indie-Bar

Deák Ferenc Square - this is where most of the nightlife is happening in Budapest, 
there are a lot of clubs, pubs and bars around this area ;)

Drizzly Zebra Day

A popping umbrella can make a rainy grey day POP! It's not fair, bad weather can so easily ruin ones days. I refuse to let that happen to me!

Signs of Autumn

Today I decided to go for a walk with my dog and explore some first signs of autumn.
And a discovered quite a lot indications, that the transition season is approaching.
See for yourself and simply go outdoors ;) you'll be surprised how many little changes you can find.

Light and Elegant White

I'm walking on Sunshine, wooooaahhh! I'm walking on sunshine! And don't it feel good!
This music was playing in my head the entire day!

Summer Deja Vu

Today I woke up thinking it was gonna be sad and cold, so I put on tights, long sleeve shirt and a jacket...aand my outfit was a miss! The entire day I was regretting my choice, it was so incredibly sunny and warm!!! It felt like summer came back to say hello again... Because it was so hot outside, we weren't feeling too hungry so we decided to hit up our favorite summer salad bar to enjoy the last shafts of sunlight properly.

Rock the Fall Season!

A black leather jacket is such an essential piece in your wardrobe!
Without it's like Santa without the beard, Easter without chocolate and summer without ice cream!
So Girl! Get yourself a leather jacket! It's really worth to invest in a good quality jacket,
because I promise you, it'll be the only jacket you're going to wear throughout the season.

I Knead Sour-Dough

I completed the quest of finding my go-to nail polish for fall!!!
It's the perfect metallic fall shade and I enjoy wearing darker colors on my nails during the colder months.

Vintage and Cake Shop

Who doesn't love unique pieces?
aaand where can you find these? Nooo not Zara or H&M

at Vintage and Thrift Stores!!!
(I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket....)

Well and this is my favorite vintage store for really unique and awesome clothing and design!

Thai Food in Bp

There are days when I'm in the mood for something spicy and eastern.
So when I crave asian food, I go straight to Padthai Wokbar. This place has exceptionally good thai food! Definitely check it out if you're on a budget and need to quickly pick some food up.

Secret Medicine against Summertime Sadness's the time of the year when days start to get shorter with every day, when you wake up in the morning and it's still dark, when you get home from a long day and realize it's already starting to get gloomy, when apparently the leaves turn golden but in your eyes it's simply brown, when you start to feel the piercing air of winter in your lungs and nose, when you unfortunately have to pack away your summer clothing, when all the beautiful colored flowers and bushes are gone, when everything just turns bald, grey and sad, and you start to feel depressed...

and then it's time for CRAZY SOCKS!!!!

To bring color and happiness back in to your life and avoid Summertime Sadness ;)

These are the weed socks from HUF. I really like them because of the different ranges of fun colors, coziness and they're edgy as well...Ssshh we all know why
but back to the topic, socks are basic and a stable essential for the cold months.

Casual Chic Fall

I present you a chic but casual outfit! All you need is some colored pants and a blouse! 
Sometimes less is more, which in this case is applicable. Elegance lies in simplicity. 

Best Burgers in Budapest

If you like Burgers and looking for a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle this is the right place for you! Finomitó Kantin is my favorite place to eat delicious and guilt-free burgers in Budapest!