After traveling around in Malaysia, Toyko was quite a shock. It's a huge city!!! So many people!!!
It was whole different planet for us, based on that we recently arrived from the "country side".
At first everything was so confusing, which made it kinda stressful. New language, new letters/symbols, the complicated metro system... It was hard to figure everything out on our own
 because Japanese people don't speak english well or not at all.

Just from looking at this I get a head ache again.

Japan has the most beautiful, groomed and quiet gardens of the world!
It's exceptional, one moment you're surrounded by an immense crowd, next you find yourself standing all alone in a peaceful garden.

I don't know the name of this street, but there were some shops like Zara, H&M and also Prada, Gucci etc. Everything is so much cheaper in Japan, clothes and especially electronics. I bought Fujifilm Instant Polaroid Mini 8 camera for half the price! 

This place was filled with lovely little shops, 
where I bought some traditional Japanese things as a souvenir for family and friends at home.

Asakusa Temple

The Sky Tree (634m) is the second tallest structure in the world.

The view up there was amazing!!!

Yodobashi store in Akihabara had 8 floors filled with electronics,
where we really left a fortune.


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