Tanam Negara

Taman Negara is known as the world's oldest tropical rainforest and is located in the centre of Malaysia. We spent a few days in a hotel across the river, where we first had to load all of our luggage on a little boat and leave our vehicle on the other side. Then a native drove us over to our hotel in his handcrafted boat.

On the first day we went to the Canopy walkway. From a height of 45m we could explore the forest's diverse flora and fauna, which was absolutely amazing!!! The height was a little scary, but you simultaneously forgot about the fear, because the fantastic surroundings dragged you into a whole other world.

This was the view over the river.

After all the climbing, we got to relax a tad in these elongated boats. They took us to some secret bathing locations, waterfalls and jungle walks.

There is no other way of transportation than through these self-built boats. Imagine your everyday life with a vehicle like that. Wouldn't that be awesome?

This place looks truly magical, almost fairylike.

We also took part in a special tour, where we had the chance to meet the Natives of Tanam Negara, there are many various tribes with their own languages and villages. We visited the Batek and they showed us their weapons, food, houses and way of living, which really fascinated me.

Early in the morning, half a sleep, on my way to breakfast I stumble across this GIANT centipede!!! Now this is a real wakeup alarm...

The fauna was absolutely stunning. It cannot be compared to anything in Europe, it resembles plants in Jurassic Park.

So that tourists don't get lost, they have built these paths, which I was so thankful for.

I didnt want to step on these giants ants, or I once even saw a giant blood red snake with my sister! We were horrified! Can you imagine, we were walking peacefully and then we catch a glimpse of something red and realize that it's moving! We ran away shooting as fast as we could.
Must have been a funny sight...

Returning from the boat tour, we suddenly se this giant creature, a tapir in our hotel!!!

All of the restaurants were floating on the river and they were all next to each other. Overnight we tried a new boat. And let me tell you the Malaysian cuisine is the best after my fancy!!


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