Sri Marathandavar Temple

There is an old legend about this temple:

About 120 years ago, a road was being built from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. Many trees were felled to make way for the oncoming road. As one particular rudraksha tree was being cut, the tree began to bleed as if it was wounded. Many of the workers observed the bleeding of the tree, and immediately stopped work. Immediately one of the Hindu workers went into a trance, and declared that the tree should be spared. A British supervisor who was entrusted with the construction of the road refused to this suggestion. Suddenly, a child miraculously appeared on the trunk of the tree and disappeared into this mysterious tree. The British supervisor was overcome with amazement and changed his decision. The road was laid away from the tree and the rudraksha tree was spared. An old man who is believed to be a Murugan devotee planted a Vel at the base of the tree. After that, the tree became sacred and many of the Hindu workers started praying at that shrine.

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The temple had a very mystical and spiritual atmosphere, as we walked around I felt a strong energy I can't describe... something was there. Also all people were praying there... I don't know, it was very extra-ordinary and strange at the same time.


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