Pulau Perhentian

This island was seriously like paradise! Everything was just perfect there, I felt so happy, peaceful and free! I'm sure that I'm gonna return to this island group someday.
It's my favorite place of all time.

This was our view from the bungalow and everyday I woke up to this! It was a good start for the day!

This actually looks like from a magazine or a brochure, however it was taken by me.

As I mentioned it's a tropical paradise! 

My sisters and me really enjoyed collecting corals and sea shells, everyday we kept looking for prettier pieces. But it was technically forbidden...

My favorite food ever!!! Curry chicken with rice!!!

Some shots of aquatic life, it was like a whole different world under water!

This is me scuba diving. I made my PADI scuba license within four days, the first day we had to watch a four our movie about the theoretical part and the remaining three days we were diving!

We found a huge ray under a rock!! It was insane and kinda creepy. The wildlife under the water is AMAZING! There are no other words! Just try for yourself! If you can do one thing before you die, I would suggest scuba diving! No regrets!


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