Batu Cave

Selamat Datang!

Our big Asia journey started in Budapest, flying to Istanbul to transfer to the flight heading to Kuala Lumpur. The flight and transfers were really long and stressful and thankfully nothing happened to us. As hearing all the bad news about the numerous aircraft accidents, we were a tad frightened but in the end we survived all of our flights safely and disaster-free. Subsequently we rented a spacious Toyota bus and drove to the Genting Highlands, the Malaysian Las Vegas. We didn't book a hotel beforehand, because we only spent one night there continuing our road trip to the jungle of Malaysia.

The following day we visited the Batu Caves, which is an old hindu temple beyond Kuala Lumpur.

This statue looks so unreal to me. At first sight, I could not believe my eyes...
The golden statue of a Hindu god is huge! It's truly an eye-catcher and a must see attraction!

I'm wearing a a dress from Mango and some aviators from RayBan. But because it is a holy place, I had to change and put on something that covered my knees and shoulders. They're really strict about the dress code at these religious shrines. So after getting dresses appropriately, we climbed up the infinite staircase, approximately consisting of 300 steps to the temple, which was quite a workout!

Up there we got a priest's blessing by receiving a prayer and a bracelet, symbolizing salvation.

The Hindu artwork looks simply gorgeous and is so colorful! I took some inspiration home with me and added some colorful Hindu accents to my room.

Surprisingly, this place was surrounded by all kinds of animals, mostly monkeys, but you could also spot dogs, cats, pigeons, cocks etc. It was really weird seeing these dirty and neglected circumstances there, when it's such a popular tourist attraction.

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