Elephant Orphanage

We left Kuala Lumpur, heading east.
On our way to the world's oldest jungle, Tanam Negara we stopped at an elephant orphanage.
We got the opportunity to feed the elephants, wash the baby elephants in the river and then lastly they performed a little show, which was adorable!

As visitors we were allowed to feed the elephants with sugar canes, as well as bathe the baby elephants in the river. In the end there was a elephant show, where they showed us some tricks and all the animals were introduced to the visitors (name, age, history). For example, one elephant didn't have a tail because she had a incidence with a tiger and this elephant orphanage rescued and took care of her. Thanks to our charm we were also allowed to play a little with baby elephants. They didn't have a mother, so they grabbed are hands and arms to suck at them. It was hilarious!


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