Big Island


After a few tense days in Japan we flew to Hawaii to finally relax. Our first stop was Honolulu and from there the smaller Hawaiian Airline took us to the Big Island. This is the largest one of all the islands of Hawaii and has five volcanos. During the period of time I was on the island an area was closed because of the toxic air called Vog (from the words volcanic and smog).

This is what the airport looks like! It's outdoors! I've never seen anything like this before!

The hidden beach we went to on our first day, it was nice to have this entire place for ourselves :)

Super J's, a small hawaiian restaurant with authentic food

Traditional Hawaiian food called Lau Lau (taro wrapped pork)
It's not my favorite, but it was nice to try.

The Volcano Park

Early in the morning we went to a market with tons of specialties and delicacies. We bought some fresh exotic fruits to taste them for the first time, like dragon fruit, star fruit and lichee.

A really crowded beach with awesome waves tho! And something really exciting happened, we spotted some dolphins at the horizon! Dolphins simply release so much happiness in the world!

Some Hawaiian statutes made out of wood, they look really cool! I was thinking of stealing one for my room. But thank god, I could hold myself back...

We stopped by at a Kona coffee farm and got a free tour showing us the process from growing coffee 
plants to drying and roasting the coffee beans and packaging. 


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