Sziget - Island of Freedom

Sziget is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, and is held every August with more than 1,000 performances. The festival is a week long and 2014 it had 400,000 visitors!!!!

Top 5 Fall/Winter Lipsticks

Every season I like to change up my makeup, because it just feels wrong wearing a bright pik lipstick in the fall. My mood changes, the days get shorter and these factors are responsible for the darker colors in my makeup routine.

So here are my favorite lipsticks in the autumn and winter time:


Our journey has slowly, no rather rapidly come to and end...our last stop is in Honolulu.
These last days we didn't do anything, just laid at the beach and bathed in the sun.
It was a well deserved rest, after the nomadic lifestyle.

Big Island


After a few tense days in Japan we flew to Hawaii to finally relax. Our first stop was Honolulu and from there the smaller Hawaiian Airline took us to the Big Island. This is the largest one of all the islands of Hawaii and has five volcanos. During the period of time I was on the island an area was closed because of the toxic air called Vog (from the words volcanic and smog).


We decided to spend one day in Kyoto, 
on account of this we took the Shinkansen, which is a high-speed railway line, early in the morning.
Kyoto is more old-fashioned and shows more of the old Japanese culture than Tokyo.
We didn't have all day, because a Taifun was approaching and we had to be back in time at the station to catch our train back to Tokyo.

But we had time to visited some gorgeous gardens, temples and shrines.



After traveling around in Malaysia, Toyko was quite a shock. It's a huge city!!! So many people!!!
It was whole different planet for us, based on that we recently arrived from the "country side".
At first everything was so confusing, which made it kinda stressful. New language, new letters/symbols, the complicated metro system... It was hard to figure everything out on our own
 because Japanese people don't speak english well or not at all.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands = Land of TEA
After almost a week on this heavenly island I was more than sad to leave and continue our journey.
I really left my heart there. We set our route heading back to Kuala Lumpur, but before, we stopped at Cameron Highlands for a couple of nights. As far as the eye can reach there are merely tea plantations! So what other chance did we have than drinking huge amounts of tea!

Pulau Perhentian

This island was seriously like paradise! Everything was just perfect there, I felt so happy, peaceful and free! I'm sure that I'm gonna return to this island group someday.
It's my favorite place of all time.

Sri Marathandavar Temple

There is an old legend about this temple:

About 120 years ago, a road was being built from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. Many trees were felled to make way for the oncoming road. As one particular rudraksha tree was being cut, the tree began to bleed as if it was wounded. Many of the workers observed the bleeding of the tree, and immediately stopped work. Immediately one of the Hindu workers went into a trance, and declared that the tree should be spared. A British supervisor who was entrusted with the construction of the road refused to this suggestion. Suddenly, a child miraculously appeared on the trunk of the tree and disappeared into this mysterious tree. The British supervisor was overcome with amazement and changed his decision. The road was laid away from the tree and the rudraksha tree was spared. An old man who is believed to be a Murugan devotee planted a Vel at the base of the tree. After that, the tree became sacred and many of the Hindu workers started praying at that shrine.

If you would like to know more about this temple visit this website

Tanam Negara

Taman Negara is known as the world's oldest tropical rainforest and is located in the centre of Malaysia. We spent a few days in a hotel across the river, where we first had to load all of our luggage on a little boat and leave our vehicle on the other side. Then a native drove us over to our hotel in his handcrafted boat.

Elephant Orphanage

We left Kuala Lumpur, heading east.
On our way to the world's oldest jungle, Tanam Negara we stopped at an elephant orphanage.
We got the opportunity to feed the elephants, wash the baby elephants in the river and then lastly they performed a little show, which was adorable!

Batu Cave

Selamat Datang!

Our big Asia journey started in Budapest, flying to Istanbul to transfer to the flight heading to Kuala Lumpur. The flight and transfers were really long and stressful and thankfully nothing happened to us. As hearing all the bad news about the numerous aircraft accidents, we were a tad frightened but in the end we survived all of our flights safely and disaster-free. Subsequently we rented a spacious Toyota bus and drove to the Genting Highlands, the Malaysian Las Vegas. We didn't book a hotel beforehand, because we only spent one night there continuing our road trip to the jungle of Malaysia.

The following day we visited the Batu Caves, which is an old hindu temple beyond Kuala Lumpur.

Asia Adventures

Heeyy guys!

This summer I went on a big adventure with my family for one entire month, we traveled to Malaysia, Japan and Hawaii! It was an incredible experience I will never forget and forever keep in my heart. It can not be described in words. You need to experience for yourself in order to relate and know what it felt like. I saw so many stunning places and I'm so grateful to my dad who planned this entire trip!

I wanted to share this incredible journey with you so I'm going to do a posts on each country, 

starting off with Malaysia!!! (My favorite place of all of them)

My Favorite Accessoires


To get to know me and my style a bit better and I wanted to introduce some current stable pieces in my wardrobe that I loooove!