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Hidden Gems in Hungary

Isn't it funny how we rather want to fly overseas and visit warmer, chillier, more tropical places and so on, than explore our own home country? You are under the impression you've seen it all and don't expect much but it may surprise you what hidden gems your home can hold. You simply have to take the time to do some research and dare to go off the beaten track. That's how you find true treasures! I can't say these places are secret, however lets just say they're not as picked up and known by the public.

Beauty of the Emerald Flower Chafer

Fairytale Fishing Village

I found this magical little fishing village around Szödliget though the incredibly stunning photographs of the Slovakian photographer Viktor Egyed. I was completely mesmerized and had to see this place for myself. I'm the person who doesn't like to sit around and wait, I rather want to actualize everything that comes to my mind straight away. So that's what I did. It's quite a hidden place but after a little treasure hunt I finally stumbled across it and it was like a dream! See for yourselves...

Abandoned Places: Secret Train Graveyard

I’ve discovered a new little hobby of mine, namely to explore abandoned places. There’s a certain thrill and risk to it which I really enjoy. It makes me feel like an undercover agent or a spy, since what you’re doing is not completely legal and safe. Abandoned buildings can be extremely dangerous and you should always let someone know where you're heading if you're going by yourself. And that’s how I prefer it. That way I can escape in to my own little world, inside my head and paint stories what might have happened at this special place. Usually it’s very peaceful and quiet, ultimate place to think and isolate yourself from reality for a while. It’s also great to take some amazing shots, I like capturing the light on different surfaces and creating contrasts. Here, I present you some of my photographs I made at the secret train graveyard in Budapest.

Back in Budapest

I feel like pictures can express and tell stories way beyond than what words could. That's why this post I'm simply going to let the photographs talk. I hope you enjoy, Budapest by foot in one day!

First Peek of Chicago

 So something pretty big happened.... I MOVED TO CHICAGO!!! I'm so excited, I can't believe I am actually here, in the 3rd largest city in the US also known as the windy city. I spent my first day exploring downtown Chicago, the famous neighborhood called 'the Loop'. So here are my snapshots, I took them with my phone so excuse the bad quality of the pictures.

Egypt - Gap as Heaven and Earth

Who doesn't want to visit Egypt? See the desert, marvel at the mystical pyramids, explore the hieroglyphics, experience the ancient Egyptian culture... Everyone wants to go there one day, however for the majority it remains a desire. Only few actually fulfill this dream due to the crucial political situation in the country. This summer we decided to take a risk and face this dangerous adventure! And let me tell you it was truly worth it!

Glowing Amber meets Sapphire

Visiting Egypt one thing that stood out strikingly to me was the stunning color contrast of the golden sunset and the cobalt blue ocean. It was breathtaking. I haven't noticed before how beautifully the two colors harmonize, the intensely glowing Amber and the deep rich Sapphire. Everyone claimed the sunrise would be way better, but we were never able to wake up so early in the morning. So we had to settle for the sunset, which was already amazing enough for me.